Welcome to the Temple of Thoth-Hermes serving Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide quality and knowledgeable training in the esoteric arts of The Golden Dawn system. We offer personal mentoring, local and online classes, special workshops, an annual intensive week-long conclave and a connection to a world-wide fraternity with others who seek and study the Western Mystery tradition. All of our Temples and Sanctuaries are run by some of the top trained Adepti in the world. Their goal is to maintain a high standard of excellence in learning and teaching throughout the entire Golden Dawn community by furthering research into the magical and esoteric arts.  Our school of magic is designed to take you from the entrance of the threshold in the grade of Neophyte all the way to the highest aspirations of your soul in the grades of Adepthood. We are proud to not only offer these local and distance training tools to help the modern day mage receive a complete education in the esoteric arts, but also what we feel to be the three essential elements needed by any Golden Dawn Order who may seek to offer instruction in Magic and Alchemy.

The first and most important is Initiation. Initiation is not about personal meditation, or merely being taken through a ceremony, or even reading a script to find the symbolic meaning in the ritual. It’s about receiving a gift of magical power (called Current) from more experienced magicians who themselves have received it from a chain of Hierophants going back centuries. The bestowal of this Current is not only meant to make your magical abilities more powerful, it also starts an alchemical (transformational) progression that gradually awakens the latent powers of your soul much faster than you could on your own. Initiation is a system that builds on itself and has the powers of the esoteric Masters of the ages interwoven within its energies, thus you are given a magical gift that has been prepared for you through the training of all the magicians who have gone before you. Additionally, magic done by multiple people working together is exponentially more powerful than the sum of the individual magicians working by themselves. One may argue that one has access to the same benefits of initiation through a self-initiation book, but consider this: you are doing it on your own, not with a Temple full of people working for your benefit who have been trained and initiated themselves into the Mysteries of Sacred Magic. If you were to attempt self-initiation you would be performing the role of your own Hierophant and doing so for the first time, rather than receiving it from experienced and ordained Officers who have initiated and trained hundreds before you. Tapping into the current of initiatory power and change is exponentially more powerful when you receive those energies from the hands of no less than seven trained and experienced magicians through proper Initiation.

Second, learning magic from books or from the internet is like trying to learn martial arts from the same media. Overtime you may become well versed on theory and have learned a few tricks, but you would never excel to your true potential as if you were properly trained in a dojo by a real master. There is just too much to learn that can not be written down, only experienced, demonstrated and drilled. Likewise, books cannot answer your questions or discuss difficult concepts with you like in-person training with experienced mentors and Adepti at one of our local Golden Dawn Temples or Sanctuaries.  Or, if local attendance is not an option, there is still our annual week long conference as well as online classes, and private topic and grade specific forums.

Third, despite popular belief, only a portion of the instructional materials of the Golden Dawn are available on the internet or published in books.  Even if you manage to find some “secret Inner Order” teachings online, the likelihood that you would be able to understand them, even after years, without training and initiation is slim. But what is even more important than the recorded teachings of the Golden Dawn is the rich, oral tradition that has been handed down throughout the history of the Golden Dawn.  Just as the Yogis and Masters of all traditions throughout the ages have kept their most powerful secrets safely guarded, so do we hand them down from teacher to student from “mouth to ear” keeping true to our roots as an authentic Golden Dawn Order.

If you are serious about becoming a magician, or are seeking to grow as one, joining an Order is an essential part to your personal and spiritual development. Here at The Temple of Thoth-Hermes in Denver, we will teach you the skills needed to discover your enlightenment and the fulfillment that it brings. We will also teach you how to share your new found knowledge and spiritual gifts by helping and healing others through the power that you will gain starting from day one…your initiation into the grade of Neophyte.

The benefits aside, seeking magical initiation and training is a very serious matter.  It quite possibly may be the most important decision of your life as it has the power to shape every day of your life thereafter.  Think carefully before you make this leap.  One should neither reach too quickly for nor reject out of hand the treasure that we are offering.

V.H. Frater I.C.L., 6=5